Saturday, February 14, 2009

High School Kids Suspended for POSSESSION of Creatine

Comment: Yes, there are complete idiots out there. Nothing really left to say about this doozy.
Published: Friday, February 13, 2009

By William k. Alcorn

STRUTHERS — Lennard Burke Jr., a sophomore at Struthers High School, was still waiting Thursday for the results of his appeal of a 10-day suspension for possessing a muscle-building supplement containing creatine in school.

The 15-year-old’s appeal Wednesday before Schools Superintendent Robert Rostan lasted about five minutes, during which time he and his father, Lennard Sr., presented his case.

Burke Sr. said Rostan did not make an immediate decision and said he would mail his decision to the family.

Burke Jr. was suspended beginning Feb. 4, and could be expelled from school, for possession of the supplement that his father says is neither a prescription nor an over-the-counter medicine.

“We don’t have a problem with the school setting policy. We just don’t think creatine was a banned substance when my son was suspended,” Burke Sr. said.

Burke Sr. said that if the suspension escalates into expulsion he would also appeal that decision.

In a related matter, Burke Sr. said he and his wife, Gina, plan to pursue complaints filed with the Ohio Department of Education against Joseph Fuline, associate high school principal, and Mary Ann Meadows, high school principal.

Burke said the complaints are the result of a confrontation between him and his wife and the school officials the day of Burke Jr.’s suspension. Burke said he does not believe he and his wife were treated professionally.

Burke Sr. said his son is a student-athlete. It’s not all about football and weight lifting. He just wants to get back to school and be a student.


Binkanism said...

Well, this pretty much sums up the ignorance of our school systems and the fear of "performancing enhancing drugs" that has been laced into the American mind for quite some time. I read this and it frustrates me because this kid has been victimized by a figure of authority due to ignorance and then not given a second's chance to REALLY be heard. So what and who are we really fighting here then? Users/sellers/abusers of performance enhancing drugs or the ignorance/fear that most of society have of them?

Chris Johnson said...

Seriously? Has the anti-steroid propaganda media machine grown so far out of control that even creatine is coming under suspiscion? Give me a break! It’s people like Joseph Fuline and Mary Ann Meadows who lead the anti-steroid, anti-supplement regimes without any real knowledge of what they’re talking about. I’m not advocating steroids here (or even improper use of supplements), but I am advocating “anti-ignorance”. Learn what you’re talking about before jumping on any bandwagon - or more importantly, before becoming the band leader.

David said...

This can be one of the amazing news such that high school kids are taking the creatine. As they are for adult persons which are in somewhere ply or ports.

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I don't blame teacher because it isn't their job to know more about drugs and how to indentify them.