Monday, April 13, 2009

Plant based dietary supplement increases urinary pH

John M Berardi1Alan C Logan2 and A Venket Rao3

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2008, 5:20doi:10.1186/1550-2783-5-20



Research has demonstrated that the net acid load of the typical Western diet has the potential to influence many aspects of human health, including osteoporosis risk/progression; obesity; cardiovascular disease risk/progression; and overall well-being. As urinary pH provides a reliable surrogate measure for dietary acid load, this study examined whether a plant-based dietary supplement, one marketed to increase alkalinity, impacts urinary pH as advertised.


Using pH test strips, the urinary pH of 34 healthy men and women (33.9 +/- 1.57 y, 79.3 +/- 3.1 kg) was measured for seven days to establish a baseline urinary pH without supplementation. After this initial baseline period, urinary pH was measured for an additional 14 days while participants ingested the plant-based nutritional supplement. At the end of the investigation, pH values at baseline and during the treatment period were compared to determine the efficacy of the supplement.


Mean urinary pH statistically increased (p = 0.03) with the plant-based dietary supplement. Mean urinary pH was 6.07 +/- 0.04 during the baseline period and increased to 6.21 +/- 0.03 during the first week of treatment and to 6.27 +/- 0.06 during the second week of treatment.


Supplementation with a plant-based dietary product for at least seven days increases urinary pH, potentially increasing the alkalinity of the body.

MY TAKE:  Acidosis can not only destroy bone integrity and other health aspects but it can worsen your recovery and performance from exercise (which produces a metabolic acidosis).  Maintaining a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruit can improve body composition and performance.  So even while strongmen and heavy weight powerlifters scoff at fruits and veggies because they need extra calories, they could actually be hurting themselves in doing so.  And they might actually need way more because they eat so much.  A plant-based supplement could be an easy alternative to consuming Fs & Vs all day long to enhancing gains in athletes and normal active people alike.  Although, it should not be their sole form and can not necessarily be substituted for whole fresh veggies and fruits.

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