Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cereal with milk is better than sugar-filled sports drinks

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In college, I once watched a kid eat two hotdogs with ketchup and a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner. I was in awe. But maybe the gross stoner was onto something.

Because new findings in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition claim eating a bowl of cereal and milk works better before a workout than sports drinks.

For the study, scientists had 12 trained cyclists, 8 male and 4 female, go through a typical exercise routine, a brief warm-up followed by two hours of peddling at a comfortable pace.

Researchers say a bowl of whole grain cereal and milk recharged muscles just as good as sports drinks, calling it a better option for amateur athletes than pricey drinks, but here’s the catch.

The study was sponsored by the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition. Clearly, there is a not-so hidden agenda here. A lot like a recent resport by the Wrigley Science Institute, which claims chewing gum helps control appetite and weight-gain.

Now, if I’m feeling picky before Yoga I grab a banana. Not cereal. Then again, I’m lactose intolerant. So having milk then squatting would not be a good idea.

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tnikkola said...

I'm sure that General Mills will spin this in it's marketing. The cereal had close to the 4:1 carb to protein ratio that is usually suggested post-workout, and the sports drink had only carbs. That doesn't sound like a very well designed study. Macronutrients and calories were different. If they wanted to compare "sports drinks" to the cereal plus milk, they should have had the same balance of calories and macronutrients.