Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jose Antonio: Educator of the Year

At this year's 32nd annual NSCA conference, ISSN's CEO, Jose Antonio, PhD, CSCS, FNSCA was named Educator of the Year.

Dr. Antonio (on the left in this photo with Dr. Lee Brown) earned this honor for his contributions to teaching and the clinical application in the field of strength training and conditioning. In the words of Robert Jursnick, NSCA's Executive Director, "Jose's well-earned award and his contributions shape NSCA into what it is today."

If you missed this year's NSCA meeting, count on attending next year. I know podcasts, webinars and the like are the current trend for obtaining CEUs but, foregoing conferences means you miss out on networking and you miss out on meeting many people who are truly inspirations to this field.

The NSCA conference gives you access to the people who shape the field of strength and conditioning, those who conduct the research studies we base our programs on and the top trainers and strength coaches worldwide. It's truly an honor and a privilege to know both Jose and Lee Brown, learn from their experiences and listen to their ideas for the future.

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