Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Arnold Experience: More Than You Can Imagine

This weekend was my first time at The Arnold - a show that combines bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions with an Expo hall that resembles New Years on Times Square and the educational sessions of the Strength Summit sponsored by StrengthPro. From Irish Dancing to Table Tennis to the Strong Man Competition, there is certainly something for everyone and thousands upon thousands of people descended upon the Convention Center in Columbus, OH for the show.

What astounded me the most was the plethora of people who were waiting in long lines to get samples of protein powders, bars, fat burners or other supplements. People from every walk of life and and of every age - from young teens to the elderly. One thing is clear about all of them - they are clearly interested in improving their health and physique. And, this got me thinking more about the term bodybuilder and my conversations with Kris Gethin. Kris has always emphasized that a bodybuilder isn't just an IFBB pro. But, a bodybuilder is anyone who works on their body, takes the right supplements and attempts to eat a good diet is a bodybuilder. See more at:

Another very interesting thing about the show was how incredibly nice and personable all of the fitness and figure models and bodybuilders were. People like Mike Brown and Anthony Presciano not only took their time to say hello and smile to everyone but also take pictures with dozens of people every day.

The Arnold is certainly a show that offers something for everyone. If you missed it, check out the videos from or or log on to facebook and check out the ISSN page for pictures.

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