Monday, March 9, 2009

Call for submissions on new audio web site

Hello All,
I'm posting to let ISSN blog readers know that the new "audio library" web site I've started with some colleagues is calling for self-recorded audio submissions (300-500 word compositions read into a microphone, similar to what one hears on National Public Radio). Details can be found on the site ( Editorials will be considered for any sports nutrition and resistance training topic.

Those here who would like to be a guest on the site's flagship podcast (of the same name) may also email The podcast includes a discussion about the guest and his/ her recent projects and also includes a topic of the week (typically relevant to the guest's expertise) and live emails or call-ins.

The purpose of the site and the show is to be a bit more "academic" than most of the existing power sport / sports nutriton podcasts. The site itself (which is bigger than the main podcast, per se) already has a collection of saved audio from the early days of podcasting. Hopefully it can become a free reference site for those who need answers - or would like to provide some of their own.

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